Results of the QuantERA Call 2019

Workshop: Making Quantum Technology ready for Industry
6 February 2019
QuantERA Mid-term Strategic Conference
2 September 2019

QuantERA Consortium is pleased to announce the results of the QuantERA Call 2019. Thanks to the funding provided by the QuantERA member organisations, the list of projects recommended for funding includes 12 excellent international proposals in the field of quantum technology research for over EUR 13M:
1. ApresSF: Application-ready superresolution in space and frequency
2. C'MON-QSENS!: Continuously Monitored Quantum Sensors: Smart Tools and Applications
3. eDICT: Experimentally-oriented Device Independent CrypTography
4. MAQS: Magnetic-Atom Quantum Simulator
5. PACE-IN: Photon-Atom Cooperative Effects at Interfaces
6. Qu3D: Quantum 3D imaging at high speed and high resolution
7. QuantHEP: Quantum Computing Solutions for High-Energy Physics
8. QuCoS: Quantum Computation with Schrödinger cat states
9. QuICHE: Quantum information and communication with high-dimensional encoding
10. SECRET: SECuRe quantum communication based on Energy-Time/time-bin entanglement
11. ShoQC: Short-Range Optical Quantum Connections
12. SiUCs: Superinductor-based Quantum Technologies with Ultrastrong Couplings

The QuantERA Call 2019, launched by 29 funding organisations from 25 countries, attracted 85 international research consortia applying for over EUR 85 M.
During the 2nd stage of the evaluation process, 48 out of 56 proposals were ranked above the quality threshold by the scientific Evaluation Panel, and among these 12 have been recommended for funding by the Call Steering Committee given the available budgets.