Quantum ideas are born in Europe

World Quantum Day
21 March 2022
QuantERA Projects Catalogue 2021
26 July 2022

we are pleased to inform that QuantERA’s impact on European Quantum Technologies has been described in latest Science|Business article:

European researchers are at the cutting edge of quantum technologies, according to the QuantERA research funding programme

Europe is remarkably competitive in terms of quantum technologies, according to QuantERA, the largest European quantum technology research-funding programme. Quantum technologies harness the distinctive properties of quantum physics to produce a functionality or performance which would be otherwise unattainable.

"Many ideas and concepts in the field have emerged on our continent”, observes Professor Konrad Banaszek, the scientific coordinator of QuantERA. As a case in point, he mentions research on quantum communication and cryptography, such as next-generation quantum communication protocols that guarantee secure data transmission even if the exact characteristics of devices are not known.

Revolutionary change

Researchers argue that the advancement of quantum technologies may also lead to revolutionary change in fields as diverse as medicine, meteorology, robotics, banking and telecommunications, as well as complex system simulation. We can expect the advent of new sensors, detectors and more accurate clocks. Within the next twenty years, some of our medical diagnostic techniques will change; procedures such as magnetic resonance will likely become faster, more accurate, cheaper and less invasive. Quantum technologies will also improve the sensitivity of detectors used to sense gravitational waves.

The great value and potential of the field has not escaped the notice of governments across Europe; various countries have drafted national and domestic strategies for quantum technology development. In 2018, the European Commission launched a ten-year programme known as the Quantum Flagship, which consists of research institutions, industrial centres and decision-makers working together to help Europe emerge as a leader in quantum technologies. The QuantERA network was established two years earlier; today, it brings together 39 research-funding agencies from the European continent, as well as Israel and Turkey, and its mission is aligned with the long-term strategy adopted by the European Union..