Presidency event on Quantum Technology

QuantERA Call 2017 is open
27 January 2017
Proposers’ Day Malta
30 January 2017
Malta is holding a Presidency event, in cooperation with the Commission, to inform the community about the status of the preparation of the Quantum Technology (QT) Flagship and to promote its objectives. The high level experts group will present its first recommendations towards the QT Flagship. It will be a key contribution to the definition of the research topics for the first three years of the Flagship, starting in 2018. At the event, several countries intend to announce important national initiatives that complement very well the European strategy.
In April 2016, the Commission adopted the European Cloud Initiative, announcing its plan to launch a Quantum Technology (QT) Flagship initiative worth one billion Euros of joint public/private investment over the next 10 years. This has also been announced during the Dutch Presidency event "Quantum Europe: a New Era of Technology" in May 2016.
The objective of the QT Flagship initiative is to reinforce European scientific leadership and excellence in quantum research, and to turn results into concrete technological opportunities that can be taken up by industry. The Flagship is still in its preparatory phase, driven by a high level experts group appointed by the Commission, chaired by Professor Mlynek and gathering 24 distinguished members (half from academia, half from industry) from all over Europe.

February 17, 2017