EC Consultation on research missions

Il successo dell’Italia nelle ricerche quantistiche
15 December 2017
QuantERA will be present during the QTech 2018 Conference
30 August 2018
The EC has launched a consultation on "research missions” as a possible instrument to fund research and innovation in FP9. The consultation is based on a report by the economist Mariana Mazzucato (Mazzucato report). FET flagships and quantum technologies are actually favorably mentioned in this document (p. 8 and 13).

What can you do?

If you want to strengthen the role of QT in the next framework programme, please participate in the consultation (Call for feedback on missions) and:

  • suggest a QT-related mission
  • mention the Quantum Flagship as a good example for a mission that should be continued

Results will be counted in terms of individual entries in the consultation, so every participant counts! Please, invite as many of your collaborators as possible to join forces in this important undertaking.

Deadline for submission is APRIL 3RD.